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Dota 2 Is a Competitive eSports Game

Valve kept the perfect balance between keeping all sorts of quirks from the first Dota. Errors and bugs that were once considered dishonest and used in the game have now become a custom. For example, in the original Dota, it was considered unfair to stack creeps in the forest, but the fact was that the editor of Warcraft 3 simply did not allow to fix this problem, Valve decided that it was funny and didn’t need to change anything, so they left this possibility and in his game. That is, what was once part of the operation of the Warcraft 3 engine, has now become an integral part of the game. Errors such as, for example, a bunch of Pudge + Chen, have grown from the initial bugs into something unusual and interesting and have become one of the aspects of the game.
The balance remains a constant struggle because the developers want all the heroes to be needed and wholesome and viable. In accordance with the devotion to themselves and fans, to the place of the chief designer of the game, Valve hired IceFrog, the original map developer, since 2005, so long-time Dota fans had almost a 100% guarantee that the game would be recreated correctly, as well as expanded in the same tradition that everyone has known since the 2000s.

What Attracts More and More Players?

The compendium is a great addition for people who are interested in eSports, CS Go betting, and Dota bets. Valve found a thin spot between the number of players and their interest in buying tickets, so many organizations create their tournaments just because people support them financially by buying DotaTV tickets. Instead of financing their own game all year round, Valve seeks to unite all the players with the game's client. There are more and more tournaments of interesting tournaments with a prize fund. Ordinary players start to like it and they finance these tournaments with ticket purchases.
If Dota 2 eSports is becoming increasingly popular, then the interest in the game increases. And this seems to be happening now. Beginners begin to look after the game, following what famous players do, learn from the epic battles taking place between the teams, learn how prize money grows, - all this lures players into the game. People want not just to play the game but to play and win because it brings great children's pleasure.
The high-quality of the game, the organization of Dota competitions, games, players' skills, ease of use, and so on - all this attracts a lot of people into the game, who later develop e-sports. If you are going to ask why Dota 2 is so popular, you can also ask why, for example, is football popular? It becomes an indispensable part of life and passes from generation to generation. Something similar happens here!