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Exchanging and Trading Things in Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer game with a large base of fans and a decent choice of characters. Each hero has his own story, which led him to this field of endless battles. Choose the one that has similar features with you and get all necessary attributes for him or her. If you don't like something anymore, you can always exchange this thing or sell it and get a new one, which is very convenient.
Gifts in the game Dota 2 commonly referred to as objects of exchange in the exchange of objects from Valve, which underwent significant changes in early 2015. Since the beginning of the beta test of the game all the things that fell out after the game and dressed for characters and courier were transferred and they could be sold on the Steam trading platform. This went on for a rather long time until the gradual introduction of non-transferable things into the game that were attached to the account with the inability to remove them from the inventory in any way, except for direct use (if the object has charges) has not begun.
Sites for the exchange of Dota items arose from nowhere, one is more popular than the other. As you can see, you can not only play Dota but also exhange things and place Dota2betz when having free time. Believe, it is really enjoyable!
Update New Bloom, arranged in the theme of the Chinese New Year (February 13, 2015), greatly changed the trade system. Under the new system, the chance of falling out of rare items in the pub was increased, but almost all of them became indescribable and unprofitable. The only thing that you can do with them besides using it is to pass it once to another Steam user as a gift. In addition, you can send collections from the treasury gift, even if the account has a restriction on exchange and trade. All these innovations had both a positive and a negative side.
As for the positive things, it should be noted that many things became available to those who did not want to invest money in the game or spend time on exchanges or had no opportunity. From the negative - the emergence of a new type of scammers who never give up the gift first when trying to exchange these gifts. And, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to impose any penalties on their account, since the given thing is inherently a gift given on a voluntary basis. At the moment, to make a gift, you need to add a person to friends and wait for a period of 30 days.
Be vigilant and check your potential exchange partner not once before sending him/her your item!