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Dota 2 Live Betting: Main Features You Need to Know

Dota2 live betting is a choice of professionals who quite justifiably prefer to make a bet during the match rather than before it starts. The fact is that the choice of heroes (draft) on the professional scene plays almost a key role in the victory of the team.

Not knowing what characters the team will play is a thankless task. Fortunately, almost all serious bookmakers for dota 2 bets on eSports in the line began to let the main matches in live. Moreover, if there are no major tournaments, the leading CDs periodically suggest putting on small online events.

Differences between Betting Live from Prematch in Dota 2

The main difference and advantage was named above - the ability to see the draft of both teams and therefore it is better to make predictions for Dot 2. In addition, during the peak-bans stage you can see the composition of the teams on the map. Replacements in online tournaments are frequent and teams do not always announce that they will play with a new player. Of course, the lack of a full complement is likely to adversely affect the game and this point should affect the rate.

How to Bet on Dota 2 in Live

Sometimes, in live betting on Dota2 you can see the best line. Often, before the start of the match, the bookmaker can only offer basic outcomes (winning the series, winning the card, total and odds on the cards). In live, this list is significantly expanded with additional items. The range, of course, depends on the bookmaker. Moreover, it is classical offices that are usually pleasing with a good choice of coefficients. Good bookmakers offer the following wagers:

  • basic outcomes (win, total, odds in the series);
  • card statistics (time, first 10 frags, total, odds on frags);
  • the number of killed couriers, roshans, towers, barracks;
  • buy Divine Rapier, top GPM, win against megacreeps (extremely rare).

It should be understood that most of the listed rates are available only during the draft. After loading the map and right up to the fall of the throne (or clearly unsuccessful advantage), it will be possible to put on a victory in the map or an even/odd total for the killings. Consider the features of bets on Dota 2 in live/

Common Dota 2 Betting Strategies

Bet on the losing team at the beginning of the card. DotA is a versatile and non-linear game. Not always a good start means winning. Early killings, a small advantage in gold and experience, as practice shows, are of low value. Often teams comeback after a disastrous start. Maybe a draft that is revealed later, perhaps the key characters have not yet taken level 6 and the team simply tolerates, and perhaps the plan is to play defensively.